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to The Law Offices of David D. L. Horton Esq. & Assoc. a California Tax Law Center. Our law office is comprised of Refined and Experienced Federal Tax Attorneys & IRS Enrolled Agents. ALL Tax Problems is conveniently located in Riverside & Palm Springs, California to solve ALL of your IRS & FTB tax problems and issues.
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Federal Tax (IRS) & Tax Law
Filing Tax Returns-Personal, Business and Trust Returns, IRS Tax Audits, Offers in Compromise, Innocent Spouse Relief, Other Tax Settlement Options. IRS Tax Liens and Levies, Wage Garnishments, Unfiled Tax Returns (Back Taxes) ...and more.

We are Gay Friendly Attorneys
Protecting the rights of same-sex couples whether they are married, are domestic partners, or simply partners. Proud gay attorney in Riverside, Palm Springs & San Bernardino.
U.S. Tax Law and Estates and Trusts
Avoid being liable for taxes by giving due attention to federal and state tax issues, even for smaller estates.

Probate Law & Estate Planning - Wills, Living Trusts, Power of Attorney & Trust Administration, Onshore Trusts, Offshore Trusts. If a family member has recently died, contact us for a Free Consultation.

Business & Corporate Tax Law
Tax Planning & Strategies for LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships. Unfiled Business Tax Returns, Corporate Audits and Liens.

Bankruptcy - Tax Debt Discharge
IRS debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. However, the laws that apply to IRS debts are somewhat complicated. Do not rush into bankruptcy due to an IRS tax debt! Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

State Tax & Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
California has many agencies that collect taxes: the Franchise Tax Board "FTB", the Employment Development Department "EDD", the State Board of Equalization "SBE", and more. At this firm, we approach issues with the FTB and others in a refined, professional and personable manner. We fully familiarize ourselves with you, the client, examine the facts and circumstances, and formulate a plan based upon your needs and based upon the law.

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